To Thrift or Not To Thrift


That is the question on my mind – EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Thrifting has organically become such a huge part of my life.

In college, the mission was to go to the thrift store to find a Halloween Costume.

As a mother hustling to pay off student loans, the mission was to thrift dresses for the corporate world.

Now, the loans are gone (praise Jesus) and I cannot convince myself to go to a department store. The only time I go is when I have a giftcard and even then it is straight to the clearance rack. Walk in store, 1.5 mins later I’m looking at “CLEARANCE” stickers. Paying full price for anything – feels like losing.

The majority of my wardrobe is pre-loved. My closet holds a lovely mix of thrifted garments with new price tags still attached, high end labels, and head-turner designs.

I could write a book of all the side remarks from my husband and compliments I get from folks in these streets!!!

One of my favorites is  “Oohh cute – where did you get that?”!

Y’all, the look on their faces when I respond “The thrift store for $3 dollars”. Priceless!

A woman once replied back “ I hate you” as she got on the elevator. Meanwhile I’m thinking…..thanks?!?

Listen, it is entirely possible to look fashionable without spending a lot of money.

Here are the reasons I thrift:

1. Unbeatable Low Prices

  • What more can I say! Don’t even get me started on when items are marked ½ off or the goodwill outlets!

2. Wardrobe Gap Filling

  • I spend soo much of my time in corporate attire and love wearing work dresses. I ran into this problem where my closet consisted of just that part of my life –  to the point that when the weekend hit – I had a stack of old sweats and random t- shirts. This gap has been thrifted in and now -> Hi! Street Style! 🙂

3. God Sightings

  • The Lord meets me there as I unwind and drift. I have seen his deep love for me ooze out of the seams of garments. I know that I know that I know – the Lord is the master of details and in the things we consider “small”.

4. The Thrill of a Treasure Hunt

  • Discovering a piece of fashion that I never knew existed or a brand name item that I always wanted – makes me do a happy dance right in the aisle! You won’t be the only one out there though. One time I had to snatch this shirt I wanted right out of a guy’s hands. So much fun!

5. To Flip a Find

  • Buy low, sell higher on Poshmark for a profit. This pays for my personal wardrobe and more. When I have gotten my wear out of an item – off to list I go 😉

6. Mad Money Spending

  • My Mother in Law, “ Mama J”, told me before getting married to keep me some Mad Money! If I get mad at her son she has given me permission to go shop.Yea! I love my Mother in Law! I promise I do not argue just to thrift 😉 I love you Josh, forgive me!

7. Inexpensive Family Affair

  • The Kings in my world tag along from time to time! My husband will take a stab at helping me hunt, my 4 year old loves the toys, and Boss Baby gives his serious back off look. There are no words to describe the adrenaline rush of quickly searching and trying to check out before the Fam Bam starts fussing. The love is real and it means so much to have them along for the adventure!

8. Money Handling Game

  • This is a safe place to play. Get $20 dollars out in cash and go into the thrift store on a mission to spend no more than that! If you go over – figure out what you really need and put back what you cannot afford per the budget. Great place to practice the art of self control!

9. To Passion Dive

  • This makes me smile so hard. For so long I whined that I didn’t have something that was “my thing”. My husband helped me to see what was right in front of me and now thrifting is all I want to talk about. Please don’t ignore what others observe you loving naturally. Signs are real.

10. Community

  • The woman that works the register at my local thrift store – she works every single day from open to close. The regular thrifters that come in saying “ Anything good today” and then of course the folks that get too close to my cart. I am there for it all!

Why do you or don’t you thrift? Comment below!



7 thoughts on “To Thrift or Not To Thrift

  1. Omg!! Love the new blog!!! I thrift for the exact same reasons…and I mean the Exact Same Reasons! Keep going girl, you’re onto something! 🙌🏽👍🏽


  2. Hey Lonisa, Love how you broke down the joys of thrifting! I started when my kids began to wear out the knees of their expensive Children’s Place pants. Now I buy clothes for me and household items. I haven’t tried reselling online yet, but you make me want to 🙂
    You always look great! I love how thrifting and mixing old and new pieces gives me a slightly different look from everyone else.
    My fav store is Repeat Street in Gurnee 🙂


    1. Amy! Hi there – thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for your kind words. I have not yet explored picking up things for the boys – they sure are hard on clothes! I will have to check out Repeat Street I have never been here before 🙂


  3. I love to go thrift shopping! I totally agree with your comment on “God sighting”. Thifting is where I find peace, get some me time, get great bargains without busting the budget. Wish my boys would get on board. There is nothing like finding a piece of clothing or housewear item that you know you would have paid a lot more money to have. This trend is here to stay!


    1. Hi Laura! I so look forward to seeing you over the holiday! Yess I could not agree more – I get such a peace while out thrifting! Definitely nothing like getting great pieces for low – now it is hard to buy things new! Definitely a lifetime thrifter 🙂


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