Overpacked Living & Oversized Jacket

Mother celebration month is officially here! When I think of the woman balancing motherhood alongside all her other responsibilities the first word that comes to mind is:


This is probably not the word you wanted to see, but I am just being honest. There is always something that a Mother has to do!  Personally, I have this underlying pressure to fit everything in, to make sure everyone under my roof is pleased, and to make sure my individual identity remains in tact. It is a lot & that is before extending to the responsibilities and expectations outside of the home!!! Over the past few weeks I have reflected on this struggle and have determined that some of this pressure may be:

Self Placed

More than half of the things that I get anxious about are of my own doing! I pile on a little of this, then a little of that, then a lot of that over there, and before you know it – I am in the corner looking like the dag nab bootleg version of the Energizer Bunny! Translation – no batteries, huge piles, and in a corner crying like a baby! Can you relate?!
If so, there is hope found in:

Living a Life of Intention

(& inviting the Holy Spirit all into the mix)

Decide what you will allow to take residency in your physical and mental space. There is a correlation between the two.  I have started going through my house – room by room – to release the items that do not bring value to my household. I kid you not –  mental weights have lifted from just that act alone. A space that is deliberately clutter free is powerful. You can think clearer and simply exist.
Spring is the perfect season to transition from:

Overpacked Living to rocking Oversized Jackets!

Size tags and labels of any sort are meant to be ignored (think on it 😀 ). So, if you spot a jacket that is a couple of sizes too big – don’t write it off as a lost cause. You may be shocked to find that it fits you just right! Don’t get frumpy fright – try to not go up by more than 1-2 sizes and pair with a form fitting outfit. I recommend keeping the jacket unzipped, styling it loosely, and letting it just hang off the shoulder to do its own thing.
Check out the photo diary below debuting my pre ❤ ‘d Ralph Lauren oversized find.



20180428_134614.jpg20180501_211442.jpg20180428_134610.jpg20180501_211308.jpgCar fully loaded with toys to donate to my favorite Salvation Army.


Pre-loved Outfit Cost: $8.50

Jacket:  Free, it paid me $1!
(I paid $7 for it and found $8 in the coat pocket 😀 )
Top: .50
Jeans:  $5
Purse: $4
Shoes are from DSW Clearance.



20180501_211641.jpg20180501_210815.jpg20180428_142205.jpg20180501_211826.jpg20180501_212040.jpg I am sooo looking forward to long Summer days of  just basking in the sun with my sons!




Burger King Dinner Date & Concert Fun – with my favorite man!
I hope you leave this post inspired to declutter your home for your clarity. This is the season to make it happen and for enjoying the things that matter – like making memories with loved ones. While you’re at it – consider layering with an oversized jacket. 🙂
Peace & Blessings,
Lo Johnson

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