Make a Spring Cleaning Listing

Hi Friends! The Marie Kondo way of life has made it’s way into homes all over the world! We have the Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” to thank for the decluttering frenzy currently underway!

I wonder if you are one of the ones scurrying off to make piles of clothes that no longer “spark joy”?  If so, – what are you going to do with that pile?

I have a thought!

Instead of dragging that heavy bag to Salvation Army or Goodwill – flip that non sparking joy pile into a joyful stack of cash! I’ve done it and I do not plan on stopping.  Poshmark is my platform of choice! I have a room filled with bins of preloved clothes that are listed in the Poshmark Reseller Community. The app is so easy to use and you can sign up using my code hellomrslo for $5 to shop!

If you are anything like me – you may be thinking ” Yea yea yea I want the pile out of my home ASAP so I can live my best joy sparked life” – & I completely understand your thought process. Sooo consider doing a combo – striking a balance. Look through your pile – identify the items you are not willing to resell because they are basic everyday clothes – but if you have a couple of items that are WOW head turner pieces – save them, photograph them, list them on Poshmark, and then tuck them neatly into a bin.

WHEN those items sell you will be glad you took the time to do the above. C’mon it’s time you get paid for all that spring cleaning! I just listed 5 items in my own Poshmark closet – you are not alone.

If you need help getting started – I am glad to be of service. For the shy peeps – there is a highlight bubble on my Instagram Account dedicated to Poshmark Tips.

Happy Spring Cleaning & Listing, 


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