Social Media: We Need Boundaries

I have studied myself. I have observed those around me. There is a clear smartphone takeover underway that make me very uncomfortable and concerned. We are trading in person giggles and heart to hearts  for the constant feed of content. The pressure to share, post, watch, wait, and respond is insane and quite frankly – I am overrrr it! I have been asking the Lord to make my life so enjoyable in the real world that Instagram becomes an after thought and an overflow of the abundance I am experiencing in the real physical world. The Lord has heard my prayer. My life is becoming fuller and fuller – the favor of the Lord, guiding of the Holy Spirit, and self control (a fruit of the Spirit) – has sponsored this movement in my life.

To be clear – I still have to lean on the Lord to help me overcome the desire to pick up my phone when I get stuck on something, when I get bored, or when I just want to do what I want to do – because I am grown. Despite everything I have written in this post – I repeat – I still struggle! That is why I tell those around me and look to set myself up to succeed against the struggle. Prayer, Accountability, and Boundaries – make an amazing trio!

For quite some time I have been kicking around  the idea of establishing

Social Media Office Hours

A document that clearly outlines the hours I can get on Instagram or Facebook. This is not a tool to beat myself up with WHEN I fail to operate within the hours – but merely a point of reference. As I sat down to start building this document- other pieces started to come with it. Such as

  • Why am I setting boundaries on my Social Media usage?
  • Who can benefit from my intentional love & attention?
  • What activities will bring deep joy & rest to my soul?

At the end of the day, we have to know why we are doing a thing – what’s in it for us and how it will benefit the people around us. Once we can grasp this – then a meaningful reason to shift is birthed and hopefully supporting actions come along for the ride.

Below is my filled out Social Media Office Hour form.

I am placing these hours in all of my hang out spaces – my bedroom, my office (home & work), the kitchen, the laundry room.  The hope being that as I go throughout my stomping grounds I will be reminded of the “AHA Moment” that I had – the moment where it became clear to me that time is my most precious asset, that after God – people are my greatest love, and that if left unchecked – social media can distort my view of what truly is important.

For you – it may not be social media. It could be any app on the phone. It could be watching tv. It is that thing you do that elevates itself above the place God should have in our life. It’s that thing that you think is relaxing and restful – but really is just a distraction and a time wasting vehicle. That thing that once you do – you look up and think – Whyyyyyyy?…Why did I just spend my time and energy in that way? Once you have discovered that ” thing” for you – take some time to look at it straight on.

It is important that when doing this transparent exercise with yourself that you don’t beat yourself up – give yourself grace. It’s not our job to try to perfect ourselves in our own strength. We are to sit at the feet of Jesus – show the Lord our struggle areas and ask him to help us. We will have to actually DO & take ACTION , however, the Holy Spirit will guide and equip us in that undertaking. Whew – that is such a relief!!!

Below is the Social Media ” Office Hours” template to assist you on your journey – I hope that this form helps you as it has helped me. 

Peace & Blessings,


3 thoughts on “Social Media: We Need Boundaries

    1. Hahahahaha that is amazing! Truly! To just live feeely! I am hoping to write more on my blog now that I have documented social media boundaries. My goal is to post every Tuesday and Thursday – fingers crossed!

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