Mother’s Day Flower Class

For Mother’s Day I was going to make my Mom and my baby sister a flower arrangement and gift it to them.  I intended to create some art from the heart and then be done. Thankfully my dear husband nudged me and encouraged me to take it one step further by teaching a

Flower Arranging Class

I decided to listen to the man and jump into his bright idea! I went with a color scheme of orange, yellow, and creme! A bright and cheery theme to show these mamacita’s some much deserved love. In a blink of an eye my cart was overflowing with  beautiful blooms! Did I put some back? of course not – plus my husband  told me he was going to pay for the materials!  

I simply ran to a nearby Family Dollar and snagged some extra vases! The vases I found were gorgeous and extremely affordable! They matched my theme so perfectly that – I dang near hollered for the good ole’ mighty dollar!

When the morning of Mother’s Day rolled around – I shared with my mom and sisters that they were getting a hands on – quality time – flower arranging class &  they were soooooooo excited!

My sister was kind enough to record me playing around and giving an intro to flower arranging with Lo. Check out the clip below.

Take a journey through this class via the e-scrapbook.

Much love to these Mamacita’s!

I hope you checked out the e-scrapbook to see the pretty blooms! May this post inspire you to create floral arrangements with loved ones! They will love the blooms and the memories made with you.



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