How to be a Tooth Fairy?

For years I have been a crooked Tooth Fairy! It would go something like this:

  1. Kid looses tooth
  2. We celebrate! Ya know – clean up the blood and take a few pics of the toothless zone.
  3. Tooth gets stuffed under the pillow & I blurt out some you better take care of the real big kid tooth that is coming in one liner! (Wonder if the kid is listening – we shall see).
  4. Tuck kid in at night time and tell kid Tooth Fairy is coming – get some sleep!
  5. Now! I get to work (truth bomb: sometimes this looks like watching some TV and going to sleep – forgetting and the kid waking up scarred for life – only for me to send him to the bathroom and yell “OMG look the money fell on the floor behind the bed”! Whew – safe!!!).

So what would ” getting to work” look like. Well, it would like like a crazy lady breaking into her kids money bank while the kid slept believing in “the system” and stealing money for the Tooth Fairy gig. UGH, like who does that (the government :/) ! Newsflash: probablyyyyyyy most parents – plus who keeps coins and cash on them like that anyways. We are in the swipe it to pay for it era! So no guilt or shade being thrown here.

Welp, one day (when bored at home cause locked up due to Covid) I decided enough of this scrambling for coins and sometimes throwing candy under the pillow to serve as the Tooth Fairy treat. I did a one time thing that will keep me from having to do this scrambling thing!!!! Doing those things are da best! Not gonna lie – I feel like I have finally graduated Tooth Fairy Academy! If you want to graduate at a faster pace than I did – check out these steps:

The Tooth Fairy Toolkit

Did you know? Kids have about 20 baby teeth.

  1. Decide how much money you are giving out per tooth lost. Up to you – if you ballin and felt you never got the money you deserved from your Tooth Fairy (childhood issues…maybe) – Ice your kid the eff out!
  2. Drive to the Bank Teller (old school yea I know – but just do it this one time – for the kid(s)) and get Tooth Fairy money ( Dollar amount per tooth x 20 x # of kids). I chose $2 per tooth and have 2 kids. So I ended up needing $ 80 total (40 bucks per kid).
  3. Grab 20 envelopes (for each kid)
  4. Grab 20 Dentist Stickers (for each kid). I grabbed mine from Amazon! They give really good one liners – to drive home the whole take care of your teeth message cause I’m not paying for your fillings 10 years down the line!
  5. Stuff and Stick the envelopes!
  6. Place in a box that the kids cannot find, but that YOU CAN FIND when the tooth is lost!!! I keep mine on the top of the dresser that my kids cannot reach in my bedroom. It’s an old perfume box and is NOT labeled “The Tooth Fairy Toolkit” – cause discretion is key!!!

That’s it! No big deal – a one time mindful activity for the win.

I’m happy to report that my oldest kid recently lost a tooth and I was prepared and not stressed at all! Most importantly I didn’t have to steal from him. I slide 2 envelopes underneath his pillow & of course the kid ripped into the envelopes got paper all over the floor (shout out to “memories”) and didn’t read the stickers cause umm he just wanted the moooolah! Now, I did make him read those dang stickers cause umm I did the dang thang and deserve my planner cred! So if it happens to you (probably will – cause kids) – don’t feel defeated – the goal was to make your Tooth Fairy scramble a little less stressful and to have your kid end up with a pocket full!

The Tooth Fairy phase does not last long – so have fun!!! Please let me know if you give this a go I’d love to hear all about it!!!

Many Blessings,


3 thoughts on “How to be a Tooth Fairy?

  1. This is THEE BEST!!! I am the mom robber who has totally robbed their kids piggy bank to pay them for a tooth!!! And I have also forgotten and had to throw some money under there real quick. What’s worse, is one day I said forget it and took her to Bath and Body Works instead!! LMBO!!! I am definitely doing this hack!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  2. OMG.. PREACH.. who even keeps cash anymore? It’s always a struggle when my kids loose teeth. Makes so much sense just to have a lifetime worth of tooth fairy packages!


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