Styling The Basic White Tee During Pregnancy

Looking stylish during pregnancy can be easy peasy. That is – if you want it to be! The first thing you need is the desire to be cayute as your belly bump starts to protrude! When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I said to my husband was 

I hope I’m a cute Pregnant Lady

Ironically, it has been much easier than I thought. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I’ve kept my maternity clothes from previous pregnancies around (even did a whole “sisterhood of the traveling prego clothes” with my girlfriends 🙂 ). The outfit I am showing off in this post did not come from that maternity clothes pile and was in my closet pre-pregnancy! 

Here is 16 weeks (aka the almost made it 1 week without vomiting victory pic)!

Belly Bump Basic Breakdown:

  • Oversized Denim Jacket (Thrifted)
  • The White Tee (Target)
  • Random AF Flannel (Thrifted)
  • Leggings (Adidas – Gifted by Husband)
  • Flats (DSW – Clearance Section)
  • Sunglasses/Shades (IDK Brand – Gifted by my Momma)

The item purchased from Target was the focus of my whole outfit! Cause well…baby bump! One cannot go wrong with a crisp fresh white t-shirt! If the shirt is a bit oversized – don’t fret – you can always tie it at the side to accentuate the bump! & as your belly bump expands you can let the knot go. See – easy peasy (minus the lemon squeezy…unless you have nausea…then definitely squeezyyyyy you some lemons).

Now be warned wearing a white t-shirt is already dangerous!!! But doing so while pregnant and craving all kinds of food is:

 Living on the edge! 

Be a risk taker anyway and pair that white tee with an oversized jacket to cover the food stains! BAM – realistic fashion! 

Confession: I definitely ended the day with food on this white t-shirt, but whateverrrrrrrr – making a human is messy! If you get any shade from randoms, just rock some stylish shades!

Check back next week for more #bumpbasics!



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