How to Wear a Mini Dress While Pregnant

Girl, Yes! You most certainly can rock a mini dress while pregnant! One of my favorite lounge dresses is a thrifted Athleta Black V-Necked Topanga Dress. I wore it all the time before getting knocked up – so I figured why give up now!!! Allow those extra curves and thick thighs to elevate the sexy mamacita-ness! My strategy is:

Wear the mini dress til’ seams start snappin’ & the baby starts clappin’!

So how to wear a mini- dress with a baby on board? Decide you want to wear a mini dress (that’s half the battle – if not more). No need to shop dresses labeled “maternity”. Find a mini-dress with ruched sides that have plenty of elastic to not suffocate the expanding bump!  Making sure there is give in the belly area so you have wiggle room & feel comfortable. If you’re pregnant and it’s cold as a motha sucka, don’t fret! Simply pair the mini dress with leggings, boots of your choice, and for extra flare a -poppin blazer or jacket!

For some inspo take a look at how I styled my fave mini dress & try it for yourself.

Standing in the mirror while saying YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS is a must!

19 Weeks Pregnant

In case you need more encouragement – remember Jen Sincero believes “You are a Badass”!

Check back next week for more #bumpbasics!

Blessings, Lonisa

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