Stepping Into The Day After Election Day

The election results are not known and many folks in the United States are sitting on the edge of their seats. Rightfully so, as there has been A LOT of divide in the American land. Regardless of which side folks stand on (#teambiden or #teamtrump) or those that remain central – this one fact remains.

God is on the Throne 

Yes there is great power and authority granted to the elected president, but God must permit that it be given.

Nothing happens without God’s permission (Consider reading the biblical book of Job). I knowwwwww well…… what about XYZ most horrible thing that has ever happened to me or to my friend or to my second cousin that I’m halfway talking to. I don’t have the answer. I have the firm belief that God is in the know and is with us in every deep pain. Walking with us and helping us to heal. That God is a redeemer and may even be gracious enough to let us see horrible experiences be used to greatly impact others for the betterment of our collective hearts. 

My hope is that on this “Day After” we pursue prayer and peace. That we release our fears and rest in the hope that the leader we need at this moment in time is elected. It may look the way we want it or it may not. Either way it serves a greater purpose.

Even the “random” fires that destroy the firmly established forests are needed to usher in a new generation of deep roots.

Be Blessed,


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