Fall Maternity Outfit: Styling the Full Length Skirt

I was laying on my office couch staring out the window when I saw leaves beautifully falling from the trees in great numbers. This triggered me to rummage through my reseller bin for a full length skirt I previously thrifted. It has a richly colored leaf pattern that matches the fall season perfectly.

The skirt is not a “maternity” item by category, however

the waistband is elastic – which means it can be whatever I want it to be! & in this season I decided it’s a maternity skirt!

To style the full length skirt I pulled it up above my bump!  Transforming it into a mid- length skirt. Boom – my creative outlet of the day!

If you have a similar item in your closet please don’t write it off from your maternity wardrobe. I encourage you to consider wearing it during your pregnancy!

Tip: If your newly gifted curves make it difficult to step into the skirt and pull it over the bump – try putting it on like you would a t-shirt.

Check out the Look!

Taken at 24 weeks.
Tie off an oversized top with a side knot for extra BAM effect!

If you give this style a go please let me know! Check back next week for the next round of Bump Basics!

Blessings, Lonisa

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