Four Phrases to Improve Your Being

A couple of years ago a decorative sign stuck out to me at a thrift store. I purchased it and had it hung in the main hallway of my home. The sign is directly outside of my family’s high traffic bathroom and my home office. You cannot miss the sign.

It’s my hope that the words seep deeper into my heart each time I pass by. There are many phrases on the sign, however, the top:

impact me the most. The phrases encourage me greatly as I am going about my day. It gives my soul the gentle tug it needs to:

 Stay Anchored in Good Soil not the Day’s Turmoil

I hope it yields the same outcome for you. The four phrases are as follows & in this order:

  1. Be Thankful
  2. Live Simply
  3. Be Kind
  4. Do YOUR Best

Peace & Blessings,


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