Styling Dresses for Season Transitions

A dress that can be worn in all seasons is a major score. Makes for less time at the store and for more room in the bank account. I found a winner in this Maeve by Anthropologie orange knit sleeveless dress! It was a favorite of my mine before pregnancy and has remained loyal throughout my:

 Baby Bump Expansion!

Let’s jump into styling tips for this dress by season!

Spring & Summer

  • Wear the dress as is – no extra flare. Simply take it off the hanger, pair it with your shoe of choice, and if you’re feeling super snazzy – accessorize.
Summer 2020 – 9 weeks pregnant

Fall & Winter

Time to tap into mission -> “stay warm while having fun!”. Thankfully there are plenty of options.

  • Pair with a chunky pullover sweater or wear a cardigan to cover up those arms. I love the pullover sweater option as it makes your dress look like a skirt!
Fall 2020 – 20 Weeks Pregnant
  • Go for the under approach! Find your favorite long sleeve shirt and wear it under the dress. 
Fall 2020 -24 Weeks Pregnant

There is so much creativity to be tapped into here! As more chill gets in the air you can add in your favorite leggings and boots!

I hope you leave inspired to style that “summer” dress of yours for “winter”!

If you give these styling tips a go please let me know! Check back next week for the next round of Bump Basics!

Blessings, Lo

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