Learning to Finish What You Start

Shout out to the beginners. Shout out to the self starters! Round of applause and medals galore for the folks that know how to bring food to the shore. & then can do it more and more and more! Until the whole store is filled!

If you came to my storefront you would find aisles of ideas. Thousands of aisles. You would quickly be disappointed as when you start walking down the beautiful glitter labeled aisles you would find nothing on the shelves. Maybe a few sketches of SKUs that could be. A store full of promises yet delivering nothing. How sad is this? How unfortunate that there are many storefronts like this that result in the owners shaking their fists when really they should be flicking their wrists to complete some ish!

Lord, help me to be a finisher! Help Us!

I am learning to start finishing little things to get the momentum needed  to – finish the big things. Adopt a don’t touch it if you cannot finish it mantra. Anyone else grow up with parents that taught you to finish what you started? I remember my parents teaching me that if I signed up to do something – I better finish it. Sure – I signed up for basketball and realized I sucked and lacked talent. But you know what I signed the dotted line. My Mom paid for it. My teammates counted on me to ride the bench and be a cheerleader. & gosh darn it – I was gonna stay pulling splinters out of my foolakie until the season ended! Why? Because you finish what you started!

As I’ve gotten into adulthood. I have allowed a plethora of shiny starts without the polishing finishes.  So I decided to carve a finishing neuropathway. First up….


HAHAHA, yep -? My family and I are drawing Pokemon to place in the new additions nursery (number 3 on the way). My kids and my husband have been churning out completed Pokemon drawings and I sat on the sideline. Scared to get in but full of vision. Fearful that my drawings would not add up & thinking that I sucked. That I could not recreate this Pokemon I wanted to draw. With the encouragement of my husband and kids I sat at the table. I picked up the pencil and just started to do some ish. It was hard because once I started I realized I would have to take some time – I would have to labor over this Pokemon. I wanted to quit but I wanted to deliver a finished product more. Plus my 7 year old was drawing his heart out and encouraging me – he was not letting perfection stop his progress. He just was going. My husband was doing the same and his drawings were intimidating to me. My 4 year old (Boss Child) was drawing in his unbothered world – so free. I on the other hand was afraid to get started. Once I realized that if I pressed pencil to paper it would make a mark I decided to keep going – but then I feared that my drawing would not be perfect. Instead of focusing on being perfect and getting every stroke just right. I broke it down section by section and moved forward with the 

Just Do Your Best on this Part Mentality

As I kept doing that my vision became a reality. The Pokemon drawing that I thought would be an unfinished flop. Turned out to be a true project of the heart. Not because the drawing is being entered into the Pokemon Drawing Hall of Fame. But because I have proven to myself that I can not only start hard to me things but I can finish them.

Today I share with you evidence of taking something through the three critical phases:

  1. Vision (lots of us have this)
  2. Execution (a handful of us have that stick with it “Glue in the Middle”)
  3. Completion (very few get here)
Execution Start – “The Glue in the Middle”
Execution Progress – “The Glue in the Middle”

Now that I have completed this Pokemon known as VULPIX – I am moving on to the next Pokemon in the Evolution chain – NINETALES. This completing stuff is fun and worth a rerun! Because the previous mission didn’t fail I am expecting the next one to prevail.

Cheers to finishing what you started! Let’s pursue “Progress over Perfection” – you just may find yourself bringing more visions into the land of completion.



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