Curating a Comfortable Maternity Wardrobe

There comes a point in pregnancy where you crave 24/7 comfort. You just want to wear fabrics that make you feel cozy. I am entering the third trimester and felt a strong urge to get some sweats (jogger pants) that would carry me through to delivery. So I made an attempt to secure the Adidas X Ivy Park Drip 2 gear. I had my e-cart all ready to go with an ungodly amount of drippage – the line opened &

NOTHING – #soldout!

I let out a dang with an accompanying shoulder shrug and moved on. The Adidas X Ivy Park Drip 2.2: Black Pack dropped this week and I didn’t even attempt to join the BeyHive at the Honeycomb. Why? Because I went and curated my own:

Nike X Lonisa Pregnancy Drip Pack

Sure my design isn’t on the gear, but my eye for style was fully utilized. So bam – partnership established! 🙂 I’ve gained about 40 pounds so far and have 3 months left to go. So, bottom line: I skipped the Women’s Nike Section and selected sweats (jogger pants) from the Men’s Section. Rumor on the streets is that a men’s small is equivalent(ish) to a women’s medium. So I grabbed a couple of sweats (jogger pants) in a men’s small and they have worked out great!

Check out the outfits below. I hope you leave inspired to create your own pregnancy athleisure pack.

26 weeks: Men’s Small Sweatshirt & Joggers
26 weeks: Women’s Small Crop Sweatshirt & Men’s Small Cargo Joggers

If you decide to create your own Pregnancy Drip Pack – please let me know!

Check back next week for the next round of Bump Basics!



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