Just Be A Human

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching which for many of us translates into Turkey and the onset of postprandial somnolence, also known as:

Food Coma

My hope is that we enjoy this luxury to the fullest. May we allow ourselves to give into the spirit of gratitude and to be human. To hit a hard reset and get back to the lost art of fully owning what we were created to be:

A Human Being

The world tells us to be doing machines! To go – go – go and while you’re at it -> (you guessed it) -> go some more! No wonder our storehouses are nearly empty. We so easily forget to just be – to be present!

Let’s challenge ourselves to forget about tomorrow, forget about yesterday, & be fully in today. Yes, our bodies are planted in this moment, however, our minds drift to infinity and beyond and to those mental black holes of that one time – that one dude – was a complete a*hole to me and how dare he & next time imma let him know rants. This happens so much and sometimes we have 25 mental stories stacked on top of each other at one time. Aren’t we fancy? They get so compiled that we are carried away from the current. Are you exhausted from all the doing and mental chewing?

The other day I was reading the book of Ecclesiastes and this point was reoccurring:

Eat, Drink, and Be Glad

“ Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for it is now that God favors what you do.” – Ecclesiastes 9:7 

Whether we find ourselves packed at a table with family this holiday or alone in our homes (video chatting loved ones from our phones) – I pray we give our full attention to what is right before us. Hopefully these Curious George like questions will help us stay in the present this Thanksgiving:

  • How does the kitchen smell? Who is staying in the kitchen? Who is avoiding the kitchen? Who is secretly taking the food and stuffing their face in the nearest closet?
  • How does the food taste? Is it a little salty, sweet, smokey, BURNT? If burnt, who did it!?! 🙂
  • How are the dranks?!? Who is offering the first pour? Who just came back from the store? Who said that wine was their Thanksgiving contribution? & did that same person drink that entire bottle of wine by themselves?
  • Who is fussing and yelling at the big screen because their football team is losing? Who is checking their fantasy football lineup?
  • Is anyone abnormally quiet and to themselves? Is anyone “forcing” a smile? Consider just being next to them. No questioning – just togetherness.
  • Who is “joyfully” cleaning the kitchen after faces have been stuffed? Mayyyyyybe offer up a smile and a GLAD garbage bag!
  • Who is starting to walk off those Turkey calories early (#overachiever)? Who is passed out for the night? Maybbeeee take a picture of them drooling for laughs & giggles – just be warned they may try to tackle you later! #stayready
  • Who is pulling out the games & taunting folks by calling them “lames”? Who is crying about it? Who is saying they are so about it!?!

This Thanksgiving lean in to what is happening in your heart and the hearts of those around you. It’s alright – go ahead, lay back, and just be a human being! 

Adult: Operation Sleeping Human Being
Child: Operation Sleeping Human Being



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