Blazer Outfit Idea

When it comes to fashion my latest obsession has been to wear basic foundational items. Ya know, black pants & a black top. I used to think wearing black was boring! Now I realize it is anything but that! 

Wearing black serves as a solid base to elevate any space.  

There is so much creativity you can tap into with a clean slate. One of my favorite ways to accessorize an all black look is by transforming into a Blazer Babe!

Grab a splash of color off the rack & rock it like no other!!! 

Fun Fact: There is no one as unique as you – that can do what you do!

I hope you leave inspired by this week’s Bump Basic look taken at 28 weeks pregnant.

Outfit Lineup:

  • Blazer – Theory
  • Dress – Thrifted
  • Leggings – Blanqi
  • Clutch – My Grandmother’s (vintage)
  • Earrings – My Grandmother’s (vintage)
Lavender Look: When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May! Okayyyyy 🙂
DIY Hair Accessory – Bobby Pinned a Beaded Necklace

Check back in a week for the next round of maternity Bump Basics!



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