Wear Whatever You Want with Confidence

I remember playing dress up as a little girl. I would have a sheet around my head pretending that it was my long AF hair & :

 I did not care who stared! 

Shoot! Welcome to the show! My hope is that women can keep that same energy in adulthood. Carrying our own creative atmosphere. It’s not rooted in impressing others, but in expressing our truest self. 

Not long ago, I was headed out in the late afternoon after wearing a Polka Dot Pajama Onesie all day. I thought to change my outfit to look “presentable” then this thought popped in my mind:

EFF IT, I’m rocking it!

Now get this! As soon as I reached my destination and confidently stepped out of the car -this lady says to me “I love your outfit!”. It made me smile. 🙂 

I hope the Bump Basic photos taken at 23 weeks pregnant inspire you to embrace your:

F**k It Fashion Bucket 

Let’s Do This! Tutu Skirt pulled up into a dress over a onesie!
Paired with fancy earrings, thrifted denim jacket, & Timberlands,

Check back in a week for the next round of maternity Bump Basics!



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