Conducting a Personal End of Year Reflection

Hey! I hope you are doing well today and are making it through the holidays! It’s been one hell of a year.

Let’s be honest, most of us have been:

OVER 2020 

since it started. & you know what -> I totally get it! 2020 has been a curveball of a year. Who would’ve thought that this entire planet would be living out a Sci Fi movie in real life! People are having tester sticks jammed up their noses, quarantining, and in some cases dying because of Coronavirus. COVID-19 has forever impacted our lives and they will never be the same. As with all things, this year has come with it’s share of:

Perks & Hurts

Although Covid has caused much hurt I have also seen perks come out of it. A few that I have personally experienced in my life are:

  • More fresh air: I’ve been able to spend time outdoors and just breathe. Look at the stars and be humbled.
  • More meaningful moments: I’ve been able to get to know my children on a deeper level.They are amazing human beings that inspire me.
  • More self discovery: I’ve been able to deepen the relationship I have with myself. I am understanding more and more about what brings me joy, makes me annoyed, and areas that I need to focus on to show up as my best self.

Before rushing into the New Year I am making it my business to:

Reflect on the Present Year

It would be dishonoring to my present self and future self to ignore this critical activity. If I/We don’t reflect then:

How can we course correct?

My former manager said something to me that will forever stick with me. She walked over to my desk mid-conference call and said:

“ You are managing this meeting, I need you to drive”

This gift of feedback caused me to reflect and make sure I had the meeting wheel firmly gripped. 

Friends – make time to do this for your personal 2020. You owe yourself the gift of reflection. Even if you reflect and realize you have not come as far as you would have liked or could have handled things differently or done this over that -> Be kind to yourself. Be proud of yourself in spite of everything. Because:

You are Here

That my friends is a huge accomplishment. Cut yourself a piece of cake & celebrate that fact.

I kid you not – last week I drove over to Nothing Bundt Cakes and grabbed myself a Red Velvet Cake because it hit me that ->  shi* I earned it.

Reflect on where you are & Stay in the driver seat of this ONE LIFE you have – no matter what comes your way. 

You owe it to yourself & those connected to you.



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