Finding a Quick Holiday Outfit

Friends! It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas!!! One week countdown – starting now!

If you are looking for a quick holiday outfit, consider:

Making Room for the Peplum

A peplum dress or top effortlessly oozes with fancy vibes! Pair with holiday themed accessories & you are good to go!

If you are pregnant and have a peplum top sitting in your closet – consider incorporating it into your maternity wardrobe. This week I had a presentation at work and wanted a frilly fancy top – I saw a peplum top in my drawer and thought “Ugh, this top is not going over the bump”! I quickly moved into acceptance and put it on anyway. & you know what!?! 

It Worked Out Perfectly

Take a look for yourself!

I hope you leave inspired by this week’s Bump Basic look taken at 31 weeks pregnant.

Outfit Lineup:

  • Peplum Top (non-maternity) – Purchased from Target
  • Sequined Tank Top – Have had this for about 10 years – lots of sequins are missing 🙂 )
  • Maternity Skinny Jeans – Brand Unknown (worn in all pregnancies)
  • Earrings – Gifted by a friend
Let the Peplum rest on top of your baby bump. Don’t even try to pull it down.
Peplum Top layered on top of a sequined tank top. Taken at 9 weeks to go!

Additional Christmas/Holiday Outfit Inspiration – taken at 8 weeks to go:

Christmas Eve Outfit #1. Sheer Tulle Skirt transformed into a “dress”.
Christmas Eve Outfit #2. Emerald Robe for fake “chef’n”.
Christmas Outfit. Thrifted plaid dress.

Check back in 2 weeks for the next round of maternity Bump Basics!

Happy Holidays,


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