How to Make a Christmas Themed Flower Arrangement

Are you ready for Christmas?!? Rumor has it that Santa is in the process of checking his list twice!

 If you are looking for a simple way to elevate your holiday atmosphere, look no further than the:

HOLLY-lujah Floral Arrangement

You can create this DIY arrangement right at home with the flowers available at your local store.

For this arrangement I picked up:

  • A bundle of Red & White Roses
  • A bundle of White Carnations
  • A bundle of Red Carnations
  • & of course a bundle of fresh HOLLY to make everything more JOLLY 
    • Fun Fact: The sharp leaves on this winter plant are meant to signify Jesus’ crown of thorns and the red berries represent his sacrifice.

Choose any vessel you’d like to hold the stems! To keep everything in place make a tape grid at the top or use a floral pillow cage. If you need additional green filler for the arrangement – consider taking a walk outside & searching for:

Fresh Pine

That is what I did with mine! 🙂 I hope you leave inspired by this Christmas Floral Gallery. 

Scroll all the way to the end for a holiday gift from me!

Happy Holidays,


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