The Power of Sisterhood

Happy Founders Day to my Devastating Diva Sorors! 108 years of sisterhood, scholarship, & service! Delta Sigma Theta continues to move: 

Forward with Fortitude

I will never forget seeing them Delta’s serving & strolling in a sea of red at Purdue and wanting to join the team so bad! I am thankful to be among these movers & shakers.

I love my zealous Zeta Theta, my OASIS, my Big Sister’s, and my Sorors all around the globe! We are a dynamic group of predominantly black college educated women:

 300,000 deep & counting!

One should never underestimate the power of sisterhood. I know that at any moment I can not only call my Mom (#dstlegacy), but a network of sisters that have my best interest at heart. The pendulum of life always swings and we need sisters to:

Anchor & Uplift Our Spirits

I pray that every woman taps into the fruits of sisterhood even if it’s not through an organization such as Delta Sigma Theta. Women need other women to elevate to the highest of places – women are a mighty force. Period.

You cannot climb to high ranks with an empty tank!

Sisterhood is a fuel that never runs dry.

My Sorors have:


  • …me to raise the bar in all areas of my life. I look at the great work my sisters have done individually and have been in awe. We have seats at many tables. Some tables we have been invited to, some tables we have said “ hey move over – I am here” , and many tables we have created ourselves.


  • …me through trials of every kind. From helping me find college funding to helping me overcome life plot twists. Sidebar: I need a soror to come give me a hug as tears have been shed writing this post.


  • me to the Nth degree! The kind of entertainment where the first time you experience it you laugh until your belly aches and then think of it later randomly & want to pee your pants! Gotta love those insider memories.
“The Tree” spend too much time here find yourself not graduating with a degree! bahahahahah
My Sands – OASIS! We stay facing ISH! 🙂
My One & Only – Pledge Daughter.
I love My DST.

Over & OWT,

Lonisa (Broadway)

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