Reasons to Invest in Maternity Photos

My first 2 pregnancies I did not invest in professional maternity photos. It was not top of mind at the time. Being pregnant with my 3rd child and I believe the last one to break through this packaging – I was on team:

Book the Maternity Photography Session


  • The creation of life is a miracle. Ponder it. Ovulation to fertilization to implantation to embryo creation to fetus development. So much has to happen at the right time and many processes have to unfold and connect to deliver a precious new life to hold.
  • The transformation of the female body is a wonder. We have the honor of expanding and carrying the next generation.
  • The maturation of a seed does not happen in one’s life every year. The window is short-lived. It deserves to be marked with significance. 

Honor the Season

I marked mine by:

Owning My Queendom

Special thank you to the talented and thoughtful Kelly (Life Unfiltered Photography) for capturing these photos.

“Golden Bear” taken at 31 weeks.



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