2021 US Inauguration Highlights

The 2021 US Inauguration Day is surely special. In between meetings (& during some of them) I found myself stalking my social media feed. It brought me great joy to see the posts infused with hope and excitement about the future. I saw ladies posting pictures of themselves: 

Chuckling in Chucks & Pearls

Some of them even had pictures with their young girls embracing this mighty turning of the history page. Such a sight to see!

My Wedding Party Chucks 🙂

Sure folks tuned in to celebrate this new “Cup of Joe”, but I witnessed the vibes of :

 We are here to celebrate Madam Vice President Kamala Harris thooooooo

Photo Credit: Mega Agency

I also loved watching the world embrace the words of Amanda Gorman, the youngest inaugural poet! Seeing her receive social media shout outs galore touched my soul. I watched Amanda’s Instagram following grow by the masses due to the way her words massively pierced our hearts. & to think she had a speech impediment as a child. She eloquently demonstrated:

The power of choosing a victor mindset despite any set back

What once was an area of struggle is now :

A Platform of Strength

My hope is that as individuals and as a collective whole we :

Flip Every Piece of History riddled with Misery

On a presidential platform she recited her “ The Hill We Climb” poem. These lines immediately hooked me:

Somehow we’ve weathered and witnessed

a nation that isn’t broken

but simply unfinished

We the successors of a country and a time

Where a skinny Black girl

descended from slaves and raised by a single mother

can dream of becoming president

only to find herself reciting for one

– Amanda Gorman
Amanada Gorman – January 20, 2021 (US Inauguration)

Penny for your thought – what was your favorite Inauguration Day 2021 Highlight?

Peace & Blessings, 


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