A Maternity Wardrobe Must Have

My baby bump is nearing the end of it’s ride. About 3 ½ weeks remaining. & Guess what that means?

Less Purchasing & More Closet Rummaging

I am at a healthy 175 pounds and counting. YAY! Bottom line is I just want to let my milk jugs hang free and have an outfit that fits comfortably. This week I pulled out a Free People:

Tunic Dress

This is a maternity wardrobe must have. It is basically a cute fabric bag that you can slip over your head or step into (if you can lift your legs bahahahahahaha)!

I hope you leave inspired by this week’s look taken at 36 weeks pregnant.

Outfit Lineup:

  • Free People Tunic Dress (Check out this preloved item on Poshmark)
  • Adidas Leggings
  • The Lip Bar Lipstick (Wearing “BAWSE Lady” – had to rock it to elevate this basic outfit)

Check back in a week for the next round of maternity Bump Basics!



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