A Fun Family Valentine’s Day Activity

Love is in the air!  Let’s make the celebration of Love:

A Family Affair

This can be done for the super looooooow! Take a stroll over to the:

Target Bullseye Playground

This section hits the mark by providing inexpensive knick knacks and crafts for the family. 

This year Valentine’s Day is extra special for my family as we are anticipating the arrival of baby number three during that week. So for the first time I decided to:

Embrace My Inner Cupid

The whole family joyfully participated in creating and decorating a:

Cozi Countdown Love Board

Here is what I picked up from Target:

  • Spritz Tube Character Craft Kit – $5  
  • Spritz Glitter Foam Hearts – $5
  • 5 packs of Valentine’s Day Mirror Clings – $1 each 

Take a look at the fun we had with $15 invested in supplies! If Target is pulling too much at the bank account – your local dollar store should have everything you need & more!

Bathroom mirrors and/or windows would serve as the perfect love board canvas. No need to fret if you do not have a whiteboard.

Found at Target

Now time to decorate the Cozi Countdown Love Board!

The Start
4 weeks until we meet COZI!



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