Life Lesson from a Personal Project

Not long ago I was working on a personal home improvement project. I had the vision of transforming my Poshmark Reseller Closet into a :

Bearina Bubble Library

Initially I had planned on utilizing floating shelves to hold the books – it did not work out. Despite having followed the instructions,  the shelves kept on leaning and this was without the books on them. I was so annoyed as I had freshly painted the space in a light pink and now had to remove the anchors that’s sole purpose was to sturdily hold the shelves. The anchor screws looked:

Smooth & Shiny

My thought was “ Oh, no big deal these will be a piece of cake to remove”. Lies. Lies. Lies.

You see – once the anchor was inserted into the wall there were 5 prongs that popped out on the backend (unknown to me, but now I know) to keep it in place. These motha suckaz took the strength of 1 million bunny foo foo’s to remove. Removing these anchor screws resulted in:

Gigantic Holes

Holes that I had to take the time to fill, patch, and restore.

Wow! The foolakie is this!

I learned a valuable lesson from this experience:

Not everything that appears to make you float can truly hold your ish up

I now keep this “anchor” on my desk as a reminder for how to go through life. 

To go through life with a healthy level of curiosity and a mind that inquires on if this partnership (whatever that may be) will result in serious patchwork afterwards. I am not fearful as I know how to patch all kinds of ish up and still level up.

Bearina Bubble Library – I am glad those floating shelves didn’t work out – I ended up with sturdy shelves!

It’s the things that appear smooth and shiny that can leave you with holes that ain’t so tiny.

Stay Mindful,


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