Embrace Your Body

Last night I was thinking about what to post for this week’s “Bump Basics” post. There were no fashion pics I wanted to dig up and I didn’t want to force something – for the sake of posting.  So I figured – why not go back to…well:

Bump Basics

Coming out the bath last night it dawned on me that I had not truly taken the time to intentionally look at my bare changing body. So I did. I looked at myself like:

Okayyyy Cellulite – LIGHT it up!

Then I rubbed myself in oil until I was sliding around everywhere and:

Sitting Bare Reading A Magazine on “Self Care”

While reading I smiled as I realized I had been doing most of the self care habits all the while!

I hope you enjoy this week’s Bump Basics Post taken at 37 weeks. May you leave empowered to thank your Maker for the thoughtfulness put into creating you!

Thankful for tea, a good book, and my husband’s briefs – since my undies are fitting too tightly. 🙂
The She Book” by Tanya Markul. I really enjoy this writing.



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