A Powerful Way to Reframe Your Task List

This post is for those that feel compelled to move things forward. Those of us that get a sense of accomplishment when:

Crossing Items Off the Task List

Have you ever put things on your task/to do list that you have already done? … just to immediately scratch it off and say to yourself:

Ohh, Got One Done!

Bahahaha oh the things we humans do to trick our minds & feel some sense of momentum.

Although this is a nice trick I have recently implemented another that may just stick!

Instead of saying “I Have To Do” XYZ. I have reframed it to:

I Get To Do

Just writing that on a sheet of paper before listing out my daily tasks has greatly helped me. 

I am now looking at my list with:

Gratitude & Less of an UGH Attitude

Like seriously!!!! I am alive to thrive and raise the bar in categories such as:

  • Self Love
  • Meaningful Relationship Building
  • Home Improvements
  • Personal Heart Projects
  • General Life Lights on Maintenance

What a blessing!!!! I’m thankful that I get to move & groove in these areas! I get to elevate my life and the life of those around me! Got so stoked about it that I prioritized:

Dancing All Over the Room

Move Your BAWDY!
2 weeks until this baby drops into my arms!

Waittttt a minute. …. 2 weeks….

I’m Geeked & Freaked to Meet!

I hope this reframing tip shifts your outlook on tasks as it has mine.



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