How to Style Denim on Denim

There are no rules when it comes to fashion! In fact, I am starting to feel that way with much of life. 🙂 There is a classic chic style that will forever stand the test of time & that is:

Rocking Double Denim

No need to overthink it – just wing it !

Pull out a pair of denim bottoms and pair with a denim top! If you really want to kick it up a notch – pull out a denim jacket too! There is so much you can do.

No need to try to match denim shades. Just thinking of that meticulous task has me stressed!

No One is Going to Give you Shade for Mix n’ Match Shades!

Life is More Fun When You Play!

Throw on a playful “The Lip Bar” lipstick & BAM – She is Ready to Go!

#TLB – I love supporting this Black Owned Business!

I chose to put on the “Bawse Lady” lipstick because:

Thee Michelle Obama Rocks the “Bawse Lady” Lippy

At 38ish weeks pregnant I styled my maternity denim jeans with an oversized denim button up that I had customized for my wedding. FYI – It is not oversized anymore BAHAHAHAHA

I hope you leave inspired by this week’s Bump Basic look!

I wonder if this baby is “Going Live” on Valentine’s Day!
Ohh, that was a kick!

Check back next week (maybe…if I haven’t delivered) for the next round of Bump Basics!



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