Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Life with Pearls of Wisdom

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies! This love bird day is a special one – for more reasons than one.

It’s a day of celebrating the youngest & oldest beings in my life!

Today I had a mindful moment as the clock tick tocked to the birthing time of:


Cozi has been out of the womb for 7 full days! What an accomplishment! Just being an Earthling.

The Johnson Jungle is incredibly thankful to have a beautiful baby girl enter our world!

Mommy & Cozi!
Daddy & Cozi!
Be Mine?!? Most def! You are the Best Gift Ever!
Valentine’s Day Cozi Board

If you cannot tell from the above – I was trying to decorate Cozi’s date of birth into existence. BAHAHAHAHA! 🙂 I was hoping she would share a Valentine Birthday with a very special lady.

Nevertheless, I am glad Cozi came when she did – as I was able to chit chat with my

Great Grandma Pearl

this Valentine’s Day! Most of the time was spent listening and writing. The time on the phone with her truly touched my soul.

To be 97 years old – living in her own home, in her right mind, and still giving God praise for all her days!

That is for real favor! She has such a deep rooted strength that I couldn’t help but jot down some:

Pearls of Wisdom

Her words greatly encouraged me in this current season. To keep moving and pressing forward. I hope her words touch you as they did me.

During our call she told me to:

Love that Little One that Just Got in the World

Not long after she goes:

Okay Now…..

As in let’s get off this phone 🙂

Guess it was time to wrap it up – just like this post! 🙂


Lonisa Mari

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: A Celebration of Life with Pearls of Wisdom

  1. Thank you for sharing this special conversation. Grandparents of this generation are such a gift I’m afraid our children will never get to experience. The things they have watched grow and fade away is astounding. I treasure the stories of mine and promise to pass them along to my children.


    1. I am soo glad you took something from it and see the value of the stories that the older generations carry! Grandparents have sooo much wisdom and seem willing to pass it to whomever will listen. I was typing up almost every word I heard so I can pass it along! Many blessings to you!


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