Reminders from a Newborn

My 10 day old daughter has reminded me that:

I Am Enough – AS IS

So often I fall into the gotta do this…then I gotta do this…& oh what about this train of thought. It’s such a vicious cycle. I compare it to being in a pool of water, coming up for a gasp of air, and then diving down to try and get as much done as possible before you can no longer breathe. That is no way to live.

This morning when I was nursing Cozi it hit me that in her newborn state:

She Gets It!

In Her Growing and Becoming There is No Striving! 

All is well.

  • She is completely dependent on her parents to care for her. She is content with this.
  • She instinctively knows how to get liquid gold from the mommy milk machine. She did this without “googling”.
  • She sleeps whenever her body triggers her to do so. There is no schedule.
  • She cries to alert us when she needs special care or is not pleased with something. There is no shame.
  • She spits up, pees, and poops like a healthy fresh human. There is no cleanup she has to do.

When I reflect on these things. I am reminded that without trying to be something I already am something. 

A Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Child of God (Psalm 139:14)

I am also reminded that just as Cozi depends on her parents for everything – there is a power that comes from living as a:

God Dependent Adult

Just as I (Cozi’s Mommy) take pleasure in caring for her. The same rings true for our Maker.

So, the next time you feel like you are not enough. Remember that a newborn is eating, peeing/pooping, sleeping, observing, crying, and occasionally giving smiles – yet their presence commands care & endless “oohs and ahhs”!

Newborns haven’t “done” anything by society’s standards – yet:

They Are More Than Enough

Just like you & I. 🙂


Lonisa Mari

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