Quick Grab: Baby Must Have Items

New human arrivals don’t need much when they enter the world. Don’t let this capitalist society make you think that you need every bouncer and toy known to mankind to please your baby. Give yourself and baby the gift of a

Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

mindset. Plus who doesn’t love a smoocharoo!

Being 3 kids in I have fully embraced this way of being. With my 2 previous kids I had a nursery bag that I would carry around from room to room with diapers, wipes, and other little quick grab items. This go around – I decided:

To Stop Carrying Shiz Niz & Invest in Wheelz

This one item has made my life sooooooo much simpler! I call it :

The Cozi Cart

The utility cart was purchased off of Amazon (go figure!). I stock it up once a week with all the essential quick grab baby items. The Cozi Cart stays on the main floor & is wheeled around from space to space as needed. If I leave it in another space I yell out the following to one of the three Kings in the Johnson Jungle:

Hey, Bring Me the Cozi Cart!!!

I don’t have to specify what item to grab. I just get the whole cart and grab what I need at the time. I do my part to put back what I used so the Cozi Cart stays ready to go! It’s also nice to hold the baby in one hand and wheel the cart in the other. The sound of the wheels makes me feel uneffable! I equate it to the sound of hearing your heels hit the pavement! Ya know, those instant vibes of:

Puhlease Try Me –  I Stay Ready!!!

Project Baby 3. Kodak Black in Female Format 🙂 #bantuknots

Here are the quick grab baby items that stay in the utility cart:

Top Rack:

  • Diapers: 30-40 unpackaged diapers for on the go grabbing
  • Wipes: A couple packs
  • Grocery Bags: For those stinky diapers
  • Hand Sanitizer: Cause cleanliness matters.
  • Disposable Underpads: Fold and place under newborn when changing. No fuss cleanup.
  • Bible, Crossword Puzzle, & a Pen: For screen-free edification and entertainment.

Middle Rack:

  • Pacifiers: Just a couple
  • Burp Cloths: Just a couple
  • Baby Rattle: Just one
  • Swaddle: Just a couple
  • Baby Blanket: Just a couple
  • Backup Clothes: Just a couple of onesies, nightgowns, socks, mittens, hats. A couple of each for when the blow outs and spit ups happen!
  • Disposable Nursing Pads: I use reusable nursing pads. This is for just in case.

Bottom Rack:

  • Mesh Laundry Bag: To place the dirty baby clothing that accumulates while on the main floor
  • Water Bottles: Thirst is real.
  • Back Up Items: Disposable Underpads, Blankets, Grocery Bags (cuts down on having to run to another room)
Handling Cozi & The Cozi Cart
Hmm, Any other baby items to add?!?
Ready for dirty diapers, spit ups, whatevaaaaa!

The Cozi Cart has brought so much simplicity to my life that I would gift it to friends/family that are expecting a newborn. The cool thing is that the cart can evolve with families over time. A newborn cart today – a toy cart tomorrow.

If you have any thoughts on essential baby items to add to the mix and/or create your own version of “The Cozi Cart” – let me know!

Peace & Blessings,

Lonisa Mari

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