Call To Action: Make March Moves

Happy first of March! In the Chicagoland area things are warming up and the snow is turning to slush! & I am here for all of it! It’s time to:

Get Outside & Step Side to Side

A few weeks ago I started to wear my FitBit Versa 3. I wanted to get this post partum body moving so I decided to give this smartwatch a go! Analyzing the data has been fun! 

Every morning I look to see how well I am sleeping through the night with a newborn – which is actually pretty decent. Throughout the day I:

Track My Steps

My physical health goal for this month is to hit 10,000 steps a day. My strategy to accomplish this is to:

  • Go for a 30 min brisk walk #naturelover
  • Host a 30 min dance partayyyyyyyy #dropthebeat

I have done this for 2 days so far and it feels sooo good to elevate my heart rate. Plus seeing the crazy squirrels in nature & pretending to be Beyonce on the dance floor – sparks serious joy! Given that – I am rolling this way of being into what I call:

Making March Moves

30 Minute Dance Party!

If you’d like to join feel free to follow along on my LonisaMari Instagram Page. Everyday I will post a 30 second reel of me doing some kind of movement. Members of the Johnson Jungle will most likely join or at least make some kind of video appearance. Ooh, what family member will make a cameo appearance?!? 🙂 The plot thickens….

To be clear – if your target step count is lower or higher. So be it. I am cheering for you! The intention is to make a move that makes sense to you while stretching you beyond your comfort zone.

I hope you join in on the fun and move that beautiful bangin body! 


Lonisa Mari

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