The Because I’m Happy Flower Arrangement

Friends! One of the activities that is sure to bring a smile to faces & elevate spaces is a:

Flower Arrangement

Now that I am on maternity leave I am making it my mission to fill my days with what I love.

Creating flower arrangements is on the list for sure!

Each flower arrangement starts off as a:

Blank Canvas

Once I pick the color palette & the flowers I want to play with – I have to remind myself to:

Just Start Doing Some Stuff

Go back to:

Being a Kid & Make a Little Bit of a Mess

When creating -> It’s not a requirement to know exactly what we’re doing – the next step of inspiration will come to us as we keep going and keep building. This is such a relief! There is freedom in letting go of outcomes! I believe we get more done this way!

Floral Recipe:

Fun Fact: Yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, and friendship! 

Check out the creation of the “Because I’m Happy” flower arrangement on the Lonisa Mari YouTube Channel!

“Because I’m Happy” Floral Photos

Hmm, What to arrange next!?!


Lonisa Mari

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