Seasons Change: Make Room For Blooms

The birds are singing & signaling that spring is upon us! We are stepping into the season of: 

Abundant Water Flowing 

It is time for the hardened parts of Earth (& us) to soften and:

Make Room For Blooms

This week I was inspired to use my Timberlands to convey this message:

Throughout the fall & winter I stomped around in these boots.

Took my feet out to recover from all the tiresome labor.

To my surprise precious florals had taken root and bloomed.

I am so glad I had gotten out the way to make room!

– Lonisa Mari

Water the seed while praying for what you need.

Lonisa Mari

The season of weepin’ is being transformed into reapin’.

Lonisa Mari

We can cry about the shi* and stay in it.


We can use it to fertilize a new environment.

Lonisa Mari

The creation journey of this arrangement is over at the Lonisa Mari YouTube Channel.


Lonisa Mari

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