A Simple Phrase to Repeat When in Doubt

I’ve been on maternity leave for about 2 ½ months. Despite the newest beauty that has entered my life, slowing down has been a challenge for me. I have these moments of asking myself:

What Do I Do?

It’s so funny how often in life we say “I Can’t Wait for X”…then we get “X” and we are like okay soooooooo what’s next!  Oh,the joys of being a human. UGH! At this point I’m like listen “X marks the spot Ninjago”! 

Camp Out, Create, & Chillax

Take the much needed:

Recalibrate Bait

As I relax into this current season there are daily lessons that pop up. They come through the funny sayings oozing out of the little human beings living in my home (rent free). Lately my youngest son has been playing and shouting:

Obey Your Nonsense

I ask him what it means and he tells me “I’m not telling you” …so the lucky me gets to see it in action (gotta make sure common sense isn’t being completely forfeited). Based on my observation – it usually involves some combination of twirling, singing, and building with whatever is laying around. It is simple.

Be how you wanna be and do what you want to do

The other day I had tossed a dying arrangement of tulips into the trash. My 8 year old “obeyed his nonsense” by pulling a tulip out of the trash, cutting some strips of paper, and creating wearable art. I ended up being gifted a one of a kind crown!

I did what every good mother would do & wore that:

Crown Around The Town

Obeying My Nonsense

A random lady on our Aldi grocery shopping trip complemented the crown & appreciated me obeying my nonsense!

May we all “Obey Our Nonsense” if we find ourselves in doubt.


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