A Game of Tag Lesson

Now that I am fully home with the Fam Bam I have made it my mission to take my kids to 


they have not experienced. Last week I took them to what I call “Playground Heaven” – the park has a giant sand pit with buried “fossils”, 3 playgrounds with multiple levels, a maze, cool swings, and this jungle gym that reaches far into the sky! It’s impressive.

When we show up – my kids take off quick and hop into the classic game of:


Watching them play just cracks me up. I feel like their true colors fully come out!

My 4 year old (Elijah) plays tag, but he always gives the announcement that he can never be “IT”. As in – I will play tag and run away, but if you tag me – one thing I’m not going to do is:

Chase Any of Yall’

Bahahahaha! So of course he gets tagged by kids (cause…they forget) & he ends up shouting 

“Nooooo…No I’m Not”

Soo the person that tagged him still ends up being “IT” or it gets passed to Caleb (Elijah’s Big Brother) who will be “IT” on his behalf. When I see this play out at every playground we go to – I am reminded to have fun without chasing after a thing.

When I ask my 4 year old why he doesn’t want to chase people – he simply says:

Cause They Runaway

Which ya know…makes complete sense. Like chasing means someone/something is running away and who wants to exert all that energy. In terms of regular degular life, I am all for ambition and goals, but I’m not chasing. If what I desire is for me – well then it will seek me out and tag me while I’m doing my part to elevate.

Oh, and trust me after these days at the playground I take a tequila shot later without the chaser 😉


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