Are We Spreading Light or Darkness?

Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. Each of us has:

A Choice

A powerful decision that must be made. How are we going to think? & how are we going to speak? There is much goodness in the world and with that also comes much darkness.

My hope is that those encoutnering you and I feel an abundance of light. That the words we speak over others nudges them to remember and embrace the fullness of who they really are. 

All Beings Deserve That Gift

Now –  listen I’m not going to front. Some of the stunts pulled by the ninjagos on this planet make it difficult as a motha foolakie to:

Speak Life 

Shizness. It be almost impossible…. but with God’s help – I believe we can overcome all the odds. 

Plus every playaaaaa in these streets knows shooting one’s best shot -> is always worth it. & those same playaa playaaaaas know when it’s time to  -> leave the court & let it go. So rest assured it’s okay ->  if our shots of light are out of ear shot and felt only in our heart. Speaking life from a distance is sometimes the most effective form of delivery. 

Our Light is an Asset Worth Protecting


One thing that I take seriously is making sure my offspring hear me speaking life over them.

They are the next generation of light carriers. I desire to drench their soil with soooooooo much love and light that when dark night weed carriers come along – the seeds wither on impact.

My favorite affirmation to speak over my daughter is this:

You are a Queen!

Life Got Better When You Showed Up On The Scene!

Same can be said for the Kings surrounding me. 🙂 May we all keep spreading light. 🙂

Shine Bright,

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