Dear Mama – You Are Appreciated

The other day I was cuddling my sweet baby girl and oooooing over her preciousness. Then she found a focal point and let out that special sound! Immediately I’m like:

Oh, Shi* !

& there it was! Diaper Explosion! YAY!


Baby girl loves multiple outfit changes in one day already!!! #fancy (tagline)

Immediately I thought of all the Queens around the globe:

Caring And Coaching Their Children Through Life

Doing all that we can to keep our offspring out of shi*! & if they somehow end up in some shi* (which they always do) -> we try to help them get out of it ASAP to the best of our ability.

Rescued Baby Girl From Her Own Shi* #clean

So if you don’t hear it from anyone else today:

You are appreciated to the Nth degree!

Thank you for running shi* & all that you do to keep your kiddos out of it!

Rest up and take care of yourself.

In Tupac’s Dear Mama voice -> You are appreciated.

Much Love,

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