We Made It Through Another School Year!

We made it! (insert sigh of relief) The school year is over. 

I am incredibly proud of the :

Teachers, Students, & Parents

All members of the educational system leveled up in creativity to support the challenges of educating kiddos in a pandemic.

Thank You

A great deal of perseverance and patience was needed to make it through the year. 

I discovered that one way to make hard things easier to bear is to:

Radically accept the moment & laugh at the struggles we face!!! 

So let me introduce a Transparent Takeout moment:

My 2nd grader who was educated 100% virtually this school year would make this request almost every day -> “Mom, Can you do PE with me?”. I didn’t always say yes, but I did my best to show up when I could. I had committed to doing PE with him one day and he was soo excited. When he entered my office to do PE with me – I was sitting on the couch connected to a Breast Pump. I didn’t want to break my word to him so I just said – “EFF IT – Guess I’m doing some of this PE class connected to the pump!”.

We laughed and got our workout on.

My son didn’t care AT ALL about the dangling tubes he was just glad that I fully showed up.

To everyone who endured this bumpy & sometimes leaky school year ride:

Thank You for Showing Up!

Now rest up for the next school year cause it’s time for ALL the kids to go back full time in the Fall! 🙂


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