An Adventurous Summer Schedule

The Johnson Jungle kids have been out of school for about a month now! This is the first time we have EVER had the opportunity to spend:

100% Of Our Summer Together

We are thankful, as our daily excursions are sooooo inwardly rewarding!

To help give our days a bit of structure I created:

Themed Summer Days

It sets our intention for the day and gives all of us something to look forward to – even if we are not entirely sure how the day will shape up. For example – today is:

Fun Family Friday

This means that at some point in the day we are intentionally going to do something to connect deeply as a family. The kids and I chatted it up last night and are planning to kick off the first weekend in July with a backyard campout! We are excited!!! Typically we do family friday movie nights, but like my five year old said:

We Can Make Our Own Movie

Those words from his heart really yanked on my heart strings. It was soo sweet and honest. Moments like that make all of the daily adventure ups & downs worth it!!!

We never know exactly what we are going to explore – we just:

Set The Intention, Get Out, & Start Living

To be clear -> we have our fair share of  “What The Foolakie” moments and own them fully! When the tears & frustration surface – we slow down to:

Hug & Hash It Out

Then get back to adventuring.

Below is a sample of our Adventurous Summer Schedule! 

Please note that even if you don’t have kids – incorporating these themes in a small way – can add flavaaaaa flave to your life. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Live Amazed,

2 thoughts on “An Adventurous Summer Schedule

  1. Hi Lonise,

    This is Kevin from the improv classes from playhouse. I’m really impressed with your writing.


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