Transforming The Lemon Life

Live long enough and you are sure to have experiences that can leave you feeling:

Sour & Bitter

Ugh, ya know those times you look in the mirror and your lips have that classic:

Ooh, I’ve Been Suckered Lemon Pucker

Well I’ve been thinking about that and thought – you know what Motha Suckazz it’s time to take all the lemon slices in the land, mix it with loads of sugar, & produce something sweeter! While stewing on the ish that has been happening “for” our greater good (don’t get that misunderstood 🙂 ) – You and I are going to :

Stew Sweet Tea

The floral kind of course 🙂 My little sweetie joined me to make lemon inspired arrangements using:

  • Decorative Boxes ( JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Clear Containers ( Taken from the Aldi Deli Meat Packaging)
  • Flowers
  • Lemons
  • Bamboo Skewer Sticks
Love the Messaging on these decorative boxes!
Glory Corinne holding Lemons
Door Delivery Dudes!
A Lemon of Love & Pain.

The next time you are handed a lemon life moment – look at it & know out will pop something sweet if you allow the moment to transform you for the better.

Stay Sweet,

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