Bundle Up: Custom Blanket Shawl

Gasp, a chill is officially in the air!…also known as the season where:

Knit Happens

I encourage “we the people” to embrace it! Get a move on! Pour a warm drink and smother yourself in all things:


I am happy to assist you with this mission by creating you a:

Custom Blanket Shawl

Email: contact@lonisamari.com

I thoroughly enjoy creating these one of a kind pieces.

These Blanket Shawls are very soft and check the box on satisfying multipurpose fashion needs. Use it for:

  • Bundling up in chilly weather – as a scarf
  • Prayer Time
  • Nursing Babies – as a cover up
  • Linus Security Blanket Vibes! (of course 🙂 )

If you are interested in this limited offer – email contact@lonisamari.com!

Stay Warm,


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