Event Recap: Floral Mindfulness Class

There is nothing like the feeling of:

Serving the Community

This “Water Wednesday” I am highlighting an opportunity to serve educators that filled my heart to overflowing. In 2020, educators poured out all they had to guide students through the sudden virtual learning switch – leaving many educators in need of mental health wellness support.

We all need a healthy dose of routine self care to keep operating at high levels. A local school district saw the need to refresh their educators and partnered with me to deliver a:

Floral Mindfulness Class

I taught 2 flower arranging classes in the school district’s art room. One class of 15 adult students and one class of 5 adult students.

The ambiance was set with soothing instrumental music and the fragrance of bloom filled buckets. As the ladies walked in smiles came across their faces followed by excited chatter!

It was an honor to guide 20 students through the process of designing a:

Mixed Flower Arrangement

The end results were impressive.

Flower arranging has many grounding and mental health benefits. Creating with flowers is mood improving, boosts brain function, reduces stress, and helps to diminish anxiety and eliminate depression. #positivevibes

If you are in the Greater Chicagoland area and interested in elevating your teams or creating a girlfriend hangout with this full sensory flower arranging experience – please email contact@lonisamari.com.

Keep Blooming,

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