How To Cope With “Falling Back”

This past Sunday we fell back an hour. Now, the night time curtain is being drawn by the time most of us 9 to 5 folks are:

Powering Down 

To cope with this change of the summer sun being on the run  – I’ve decided to take time during my work day to :

Bask in the Sun & Blast the Best Soundtrack

on the planet.  

The Sound of Nature

Listening to music through headphones while being outside is disrespectful in Lonisa Land.

The sound of the squirrels scurrying up trees and leaves singing in the breeze is extremely satisfying. 

The color of all the fall foliage has a vibrancy that beats any pixelated image.

God’s Handiwork is All Around

The annual “fall back” is an invitation to fall back on a hammock and enjoy the nature show.

It’s always streaming and is one heck of a freebie.

This is a coping strategy that requires no pocket change – only that our priorities be slightly rearranged.

Fall Back,

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