Walk In Royalty

Yesterday I decided to accessorize with something that commands:


I listened to a video and read a post by a woman that prophesied this is the season to:

Put On Your Crown

It resonated deeply with me – so much so that I went to my office and picked up the crown I had purchased a year ago for my maternity photoshoot. I secured the weighty crown to my head with 2 bobby pins so that as I worked around the house it would be secure.

Wearing this crown did something for my spirit. It’s as if what is true in the spiritual was made manifest in the physical. So many times we can forget who we really are and whose we are because of the pains and sorrows of life. 

Have you ever folded your laundry wearing a crown?

I hadn’t until yesterday! It triggered me to look at service with fresh eyes!  What if as we served and did the lowly tasks we began to recognize this as the most royal of tasks.

The greatest royal to walk this land is Jesus and he did the greatest acts of service. All throughout scripture there is talk about the Kingdom of God and the people were thinking that it would look like the mighty physical empires of that time – but it didn’t. It looked like being broken and bruised for true Kingdom breakthrough. A type of royal priesthood that is misunderstood by the logical mind. 

I was filled with joy as I lifted my laundry out of the dryer and folded. I felt bolder and an inner Godfidence.

While folding laundry I was surprised with a “let’s go out to dinner” announcement. I wasn’t expecting this treat, nevertheless I decided:

To Own My Royalty & Rock The Crown

When we got to the Maggiano’s restaurant:

  • The hostess asked me if it was my birthday – to which I replied: “No, I am just a Queen and so are you.” She smiled and was all for it!
  • The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything – to which I replied: “The gift of family.”
  • A woman in the bathroom asked me if it was my birthday – to which I replied: “No, I decided to be a Queen.” She was for it!

The Linguine Di Mare meal that I ordered was sooooo sooo good. The portions were beyond perfect. They didn’t skimp at all on the lobster, mussels, clams, and shrimp. It tasted and felt like a hearty royal meal. 

If you want to secure a crown for yourself – I purchased this one.

Friends I pray that you leave this post encouraged and know that you are Royal – bought for a mighty price! 

Walk In Royalty,

One thought on “Walk In Royalty

  1. Doing laundry can be such a great time for gratitude. Seeing each item of clothing and being grateful for its warmth and ability to show an individual’s personality. Clothes can be billboards to show LOVE and uniqueness. Making this chore a moment of royal reflection is wonderful. Keep writing and sharing your pics and videos! We all need your viewpoint!


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