The Arthur Ashe Ace It Mindset

It is time to reach acceptance. Problems and obstacles are not going away. They are woven into the fabric of life. WOMP 😦 & YAY 🙂 ! Take heart, because we are:


To move them out of our way.

Time to do away with learned helplessness.

I stumbled across this quote from Tennis Player, Arthur Ashe, and it instantly resonated!

Wherever we are in our story. Whatever the Situation. We must:

Take Inventory

of where we are right now and accept it. Sure we may have to have a fit at first, but then we have to:

Get Over It

Apply that loving lens of radical honesty and own the next best step that comes up. Be transparent with ourselves on what we want to change and/or obtain. Then, take the steps that we can to make it a reality and ask The Holy Spirit to bridge the gaps.

I am actively on this journey and I am confident that as we go -> more will be revealed and help will come along the way.

I’ll share with you one of the leaky situations before me that I will Ace.

These Backspin Bauble Earrings give me a boost to ACE my faith journey while ACE-ing my look!

Go Ace It,

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