This Is Your Sign

Are you familiar with this slogan?

If You Are Looking For A Sign – This Is It

Well, I pray this post is your sign to:

(wo)MAN Your Post

To Keep Fighting The Good Fight

Every day I cross an intersection that has a community center at the corner. They have a message board sign. It’s a small yet heavy hitting space. Every few weeks the sign is updated with a new message. I look forward to receiving the inspiring and comical messages.

Here are a few of my photographed favorites!!!

A year ago, I was being driven to the hospital to deliver my daughter. I was going through the corner with intense contractions and looked at the sign. I needed hope in that exact moment.

The sign read:

That word of encouragement gave me the jolt I needed to endure excruciating pain while we switched lanes.

Fast Forward to today. The message board is still there. All of January I have passed by that sign and it has not been updated since Mid-December. I’ve been perplexed. This is not like the person or team managing the message board to slack. I hope they are well. I look for a new message every few weeks and they always deliver.

I feel the impact of this post being unmanned.

A “simple” message board not being updated is prompting this post. I emailed the community center this evening to let them know how important the work they are doing has been to my life. & I am sure to the lives of others driving by.

This is the ripple effect of a corner message board not being updated. 

I pray you read this and know that who you are and what God has given you to steward matters. 

You are needed at your post.

We all need to be at our divinely assigned post.

Keep pressing in even if no one is tap dancing. You are appreciated. You are valued. There are silent watchers and receivers that need what you’re serving.

This Is Your Sign,

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