Let’s Kiss & Makeup

I am constantly looking for ways to:


Constantly asking myself “How can I K.I.S.S. ?” .

Keep. It. Super. Simple.

I once heard an executive say that if something is complicated it is “Bullshiz”. So let’s cut the shiz niz out and K.I.S.S. instead!

I apply this K.I.S.S. principle to my lips. I do not have a lot of cosmetics, but appreciate a good:

Color Pop

I now keep it superrr simple by only reupping on lip products once a year. I’ve started the ritual of securing new lippie shades in LUVuary! This year I ordered 5 of The Lip Bar products and listen…the shipment came right on time! The night before:

Galentine’s Day

I tore open the package, pulled up a chair in my bathroom, and got to puckering! I tried on every shade in a span of 10 minutes and “Ohh’d & Ahh’d” thee entire time!!!

2022 Lip Colors Purchased: Bourgeois, Curlfriend, Dream Chaser, Hot Mama, and Merlot .

I took a leap and purchased some dark shades and BAM!

Let’s K.I.S.S. & Make-Up

Shade: Curlfriends

I had a good ole time dancing while selecting my Galentine’s Day & Valentine’s Day lip shades!

Confession: On Galentine’s Day, I applied lipstick after my bedtime routine, looked in the mirror and said “Hey Girl, Hey”, told Alexa “turn off the bedroom lights”, and went to sleep feeling fancy! 🙂

I love the colors soo much that I want to change my lip color 5 times a day.

Listen….on this Valentine’s Day, right after I make this post…. I intend to apply my third lip shade of the day. BAHAHAHAHAHA

My loves, treat yourself to some new lippie shades and if you decide to shop The Lip Bar – check out the fun descriptions!

Seriously. When I applied this gloss I saw my dreams dancing on the stage of my lips.
Speak life!
Rocking Hot Mama!!!

Picking a lippie with a life speaking description is a major win and helps to remind me that I am:

Poppin’ With Purpose

As are you! If we have a day where folks are throwing shade our way – we dramatically apply our lippie, smack our lips, and blow them a K.I.S.S. while we strut off.

Pucker Up,

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