Embrace Your Tacky Behavior

There is a fictional character that has been making a special guest appearance in my home:

Tacky, The Penguin

I was introduced to this unique penguin by my 5 year old, Elijah, who checked out the book:

Tacky In Trouble

Tacky had made quite the impression on him when “Tacky in Trouble” was read to him at school. Elijah was sooo stoked to bring the book home for me to re-read. In fact, he was so hype that he kept telling me what was getting ready to happen before I turned the page! 

As I read the book, it touched my heart because I felt like my son was telling me a bit more about himself. Tacky described me a bit, too! Perhaps you will feel the same.

Tacky has a bunch of friends. Their names are:

Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect

They are what society deems as normal. They fit in. They don’t cause a fuss. Tacky, however, is:

Odd, Eccentric, Loud, Weird, and Hilarious

Tacky’s friends are often annoyed by him and at times frustrated. He is soo in his own world that he pays “reality” no mind. His normal is unintentionally clashing with the cultural norms. As time goes on – it becomes evident that Tacky’s natural way of being is the very thing the world around him needed. Which causes:

Much Celebration 

I asked Elijah which characters he related to and he told me:


I reminded him that Tacky is cool because he is different. Tacky owns his odd despite the odds!!!

I pray that Elijah continues to own his inner Tacky. I pray that I do the same. I pray that you do the same. Remember that you are:

“…. fearfully and wonderfully made…. ” 

Psalm 139:14

We don’t need to be ultra tamed to claim and thrive in our God ordained lane.

Spirit Break Out,

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